‘The King of Birds’ – wren and wildflowers

‘The King of Birds’ – wren and wildflowers.  A watercolour painting produced to mark the coronation of King Charles III on 6th May 2023.

In folklore, the wren is known as ‘The King of Birds’. It is said that, in a contest with all the other birds to see who could fly highest, the wren won by hitching a lift in the feathers of an eagle and then leaping out to soar an extra few inches. In annoyance, the eagle swiped at the wren and it lost some of its feathers, resulting in its familiar stubby tail.

Known for their impressively loud, vibrant song, wrens love to investigate all the shady little hollows of hedgerow and woodland, looking for insects in the leaf litter and moss.

Framed in a high quality walnut veneer frame with a double mount. On Exhibition at Resipole Studios on Ardnamurchan please contact them.

Image size = 170 x 280 mm


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