"Thank you very much indeed for the workshop yesterday . . . the feedback was amazing!

"Your talk this evening, was the most interesting, the most informative and the most entertaining that we have ever had . . ."  - The Royal Cambrian Art Society.

"Your workshop was the best that they had attended and they not only learned so much, but a lot of the content was information that they had never heard before and they felt that you definitely did not hold anything back. Your group contained experienced members and comparatively new ones who benefited so much - a day they would not have missed . . . they all enjoyed the whole experience."
- Dunfermline Art Club.

Hawfinch 3-ws

Often considered to be the hardest medium, watercolour presents its own challenges and you will find Colin's approach and methods enlightening and inspiring. Do you struggle with watercolour ?  Do you find it hard to create the effects you desire? Do you find it difficult to create light in oil painting? - well Colin can help. Having mastered five different mediums his approach to teaching is not based around one medium and is applicabe to all styles.

Are you a member of a wildlife society?   Do you belong to an art club?    Would you like to book Colin as a speaker, or ask him to hold a painting workshop?



This is perfect for those wishing to push their art further, or for beginners.  Unusually Colin has no secrets - he will show you exactly how he creates certain effects and teach you all his techniques.  You will then be given the brush and he will hone your skills until you have mastered each one!  He even has tips and techniques that will definitely improve your own hand and eye co-ordination, as Colin considers this an essential requirement to being able to draw or paint.

Choice of materials and pigments, how best to approach a sky, how to acheive detail without being too hard and crisply photographic, the list goes on.

With his vast experience of selling art, he is well qualified to give you valuable advice on how to sell, where to sell, how to price your work etc., etc.  So, why not give him a call ?


Colin has a long and successful track record in teaching art, and he has helped aspiring artists to gain skills and confidence.  Many of them are now successfully exhibiting and selling their work after only one lesson.

With quite a broad range of styles and techniques, Colin can easily understand each student’s individual approach.  He will show you the best ways to achieve your goals - some of his solutions and practices are amazingly simple!

Colin’s talks are informal, enjoyable and eye-opening, with plenty of laughter and a lot of enlightened and happy students.   He will take workshops, hold a demonstration or give an evening talk... whichever you prefer!


With so much experience to draw on, Colin’s talks about observing wildlife are diverse and fascinating, with the extra dimension of explaining how he turns his encounters into works of art.   His talks to natural history societies always prove popular, provoking lots of interest and discussion.

If you’re looking for a lively and interesting speaker, give Colin a call to discuss it further!