Commissioning a painting or becoming a Collector

Swallow family - ws
Going home 19
Sea Trout Postcard 19 - ws

Commissions don’t have to be big: a small sketch in pencil or watercolour starts at around £150.   If you have a budget in mind, Colin will do his best to accommodate it.


He is well used to working within a time scale so that the picture is finished in time for a special date, in fact he has never missed a deadline in his career and he's also very good at keeping these things a secret!


I’d like to commission a painting... what next?

Give me a call or drop me an email as soon as possible, with your specific requirements or ideas.  I’ll respond as soon as possible and we will then have a discussion to decide on the important aspects such as size, budget, time scale, framing and delivery.


If you would like me to paint a particular landscape, I may wish to see this for myself, so that I can get a better idea for the ‘feel’ of the picture.




Please allow me as much time as possible to consider the commission, because most of the planning is done in my head, prior to putting brush to paper.


I have a long list of delighted customers who have commissioned a painting - it’s always a pleasure and a privilege when someone chooses my work as a way of celebrating a special occasion.

Red Deer Hillside-s

So please contact me now - I’d be delighted to hear from you!