The only watercolour brush you will ever need!


An Isabey Kolinsky sable brush, similar to my favourite brush – you will find it hard to get another brush as good as this.
I only use one brush size, a no. 6, for all my paintings.  It holds more paint than a finer brush and can paint a longer stroke – it can also be used for washes and for foliage.  In effect, it is many brushes in one.

Why hold a fistfull of different brushes when one will do the job of all of them – saving you money too.
As you can see, the tip of this brush is as fine as a rigger or a 000 brush (see other image) – and, if looked after correctly, it will last for ages.  A brand new brush can be used for fine details, and you can use a worn one for the sky and backgrounds, so it will last a long time.

Instructions on the care of the brush are included.
Postage and packing included


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