Golden Eagles on Knoydart


I have always been fascinated by Eagles and indeed most birds of prey. As a child I was given a book of paintings by Archibald Thorburn and one in particular stood out to me, it was of a Golden Eagle on a dead stag.  The image has stayed with me as just a memory until now.  Having seen the pair of Golden Eagles so close on the roadside on the Isle of Mull recently, my mind instantly came up with a composition of them on a fallen stag.  Eagles have been filmed attacking Red Deer in Scotland and whilst I cannot be sure that this one died as a result of the Eagles harrassing it over the edge of the hill, they often succomb to the rigours of the rut and this one may have fallen as a result.  Unlike most of our other birds of prey, Golden Eagles supplement their diet with carrion and maybe this is how they get through the harsh Scottish winter in the highlands

Oil painting on Gesso board

Colin takes the presentation of his work very seriously! The entire picture is created from scratch.
He lovingly prepares each Gesso board to conservation standards, and uses hand-made oil paints from a specialist supplier. He also builds each individual frame specifically to complement the painting, and often finishes the frame with special wax varnish which he mixes himself. Some of the frames will have gold leaf applied to further enhance the effect.


Painting size approximately = 700 x 900 mm


This painting has now sold, if you woud be interested in me coming up with a painting along similar lines then please contact me

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