‘Freedom’ – Golden Eagle soars over Sheil mountains

The essence of why I love Scotland – also one of my favourite subjects, to me this is how I would like to be, soaring free above the earth. Pure Lapis Lazuli creates the glow in the sky at top left as the eagle descends into the glen to hunt. Of all the paintings I have created there are a few that I am most proud of, this is one of them.

Oil painting on Gesso board

Colin takes the presentation of his work very seriously! The entire picture is created from scratch.
He lovingly prepares each Gesso board to conservation standards, and uses hand-made oil paints from a specialist supplier. He also builds each individual frame specifically to complement the painting, and often finishes the frame with special wax varnish which he mixes himself. Some of the frames will have gold leaf applied to further enhance the effect.


Painting size approximately = 610 x 1200 mm.  At the moment this is the largest oil painting I have produced.

This painting is for sale, POA


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