American Woodcock pin-feather painting with gold leaf


An American Woodcock  painted with its own pin-feather. The difficulty of painting the American Woodcock with its own very tiny pin-feather can only be imagined!

The background is of the native aspen trees.  The leaves of these trees have real gold leaf applied, in four different shades, ranging from 16.9ct to 24ct gold.

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Painted with the actual feather used, inserted into the paper before framing.  To read more about pin-feathers,  go  here ➤

approximately 120 mm square (image size)

Beautifully framed to our usual conservation standards in antique gold effect frame (see images below the main one at left).


This painting is currently 0n exhibition if you are interested please contact us. Why not take advantage of our staged payment system ?  Ask for details


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