Woodcock and Silver Birch – a matched pair


A framed original watercolour of two woodcock rising from a beautiful Silver Birch tree, painted with two feathers from the same bird – a truly matched pair, one bursting to the left and the other to the right.

Very few paintings turn out exactly like I see them in my head, but this is one of the closest yet.  It is difficult to understand how difficult this is to complete – painting with a feather is not the easiest of tasks, but to paint half with one feather and the rest with the pair is unique.

I have painted matched pairs before, but in each case they have been two separate paintings, because, if one failed to work or broke under the strain (as that does happen) I would still have one painting to sell.  In this case if one had failed, I would have half a completed picture.  Perhaps that explains why I have only ever attempted this once in the 20 odd years I have been using a pin-feather 🙂

Image size 220 x 180 mm

Attractively framed in a veneer moulding to conservation standards

This painting is currently 0n exhibition if you are interested please contact us


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