‘The Great Escape’ – Golden Eagle print


A single limited edition print of a golden eagle chasing a mountain hare. In the snow-covered summits of the Cairngorms, a mountain hare in its pure white winter coat has just made the mistake of revealing itself to a passing golden eagle. Although the hare’s fate looks to be sealed, its speed and agility could still help it to evade capture, meaning no food for the hungry eagle.
Identical in subject and atmosphere to ‘Winter’s Shadow’ (which has now sold out), this image shows the scene from a totally different angle, emphasising the eagle’s powerful flight and intense expression, and heightening the drama of the chase.Print edition of 100, signed and numbered by the artist.
Image Size: 310 x 560 mm
Pencil remarques: If you wish, the artist will add original pencil sketches (remarques) to the white border of your print. 
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Mounting & Framing: We can mount and frame this print for you in our own workshop, using conservation materials. Please see the links below for more details on framing. If you would like the print mounted but not framed please contact us.
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