‘First Snowfall’ – woodcock print


To celebrate the publication of ‘Woodcock and Pin-feather Painting’, we have released a new limited edition print. This is ‘First Snowfall’, a beautiful pin-feather painting which shows a woodcock gliding through a copse of silver birch trees on a cold winter evening.
‘First Snowfall’ is a superb example of Colin’s skill with a pin-feather, showing the woodcock’s intricately-patterned plumage and the rich colours of dead bracken and bare trees. This is the first of Colin’s pin-feather paintings to be reproduced as a fine art print at almost the same size as the original.

Print edition of 100, signed & numbered by the artist.

Image Size: 120 x 200 mm

Pencil remarques: If you wish, the artist will add original pencil sketches (remarques) to the white border of your print. For more information on printing, limited editions and remarques, click  here ➤

Mounting & Framing: We can mount and frame this print for you in our own workshop, using conservation materials. Please see the links below for more details on framing. If you would like the print mounted but not framed, please contact us.

Framing link:  click here ➤


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