Woodcock tie pin, Vintage gold with Diamonds and Ruby


My Tie Pin that I used to wear whilst I painted a woodcock with a feather at shows around the country.  I have all but hung up my pin-feather brush and now have no use for this lovely piece of antique jewellery.
A Ruby for its eye and real diamonds on its body.  I think a couple of the small diamond chips may be missing but a fine and VERY unusual piece!
This is a genuine item, sold to me by a respected jeweller specialising in gemstones and antique jewellery.  From memory I am sure that the body of the bird is Rhodium plated Yellow Gold (not sure of the carat) – you can see that some of the Rhodium has worn off.
I seem to remember that the pin is very unusual as it is 22ct White Gold – again from memory.

Special Delivery included in the price – As this is a personal item, I would appreciate it if you would pay by PayPal who accept most cards


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